Jerry the Bear prepares children for the lifestyle changes they will experience when diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Children learn how to take care of themselves by taking care of Jerry, giving insulin shots, monitoring his diet and measuring glucose levels.

As CEO of Sproutel I am currently working full time to bring Jerry into the hands of all children with a chronic illness.

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Joey is an interactive robot that responds to facial expression via EMG sensors. The sensors read muscle activity in the users face and respond to their expression. The goal was to create a non-traditional robot-human interaction, with the simple purpose of laughter.

"The goal of the Phatus project is to build physical machines which emulate human non-speech vocal sounds. This involves the development of lung- like machines, larynx-like devices and vocal tract-like structures. The relation between the embodied nature of affect (emotions are, in some sense, of the body, not the mind) and the cognitivist leanings of computer science and specifically of voice synthesis come into question – drawing us toward reflection on paradigms of embodied and enactive cognition."
-Simon Penny

I was tasked with replicating the shape human vocal tract while pronouncing different sounds. This required fabricating precise cores of various materials to be used in lost wax castings.

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...the placement of two things (usually abstract concepts, though it can refer to physical objects) near each other.

Version 1
Using analog circuitry, a noisy and unpredictable book was created and installed throughout a university library. No-one took notice.

Version 2
Our culture has developed an unspoken mantra: “plug in, tune out.” People use headphones to shut themselves off from the incessant background noise that fills our world. Untitled: Sound consists of a pair of headphones attached to an amplification circuit. The circuit listens to the surrounding area in two directions, amplifies this sound, strips it of it’s inherent directionality, and then plays it through the headphones. By making people listen to the outside world in a way in which they have grown accustomed to blocking it out, Untitled: Sound serves to make them cognizant of the rampant noise pollution which has become a societal norm and on a larger scale encourages the viewer to question their perception of reality.

Visual media coming soon...